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11 - 30 - 2011 Gwen's new CD is out!

To listen to some of Gwen's music, visit the samples page ...


Gwen...really enjoyed your vocals & group. I have the next dates marked on our calendar so if we're here will see you then.

You bet Gwen is talented. A marvelous voice. Thanks for thinking of us single gals. Finding all the single men that you can will be most appreciated.

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Special shows

Remembrance Day Show
“We’ll Meet Again”
A special, nostalgic celebration of
Remembrance Day through the
most wonderful, touching songs
made famous by Vera Lynn and
other artists from the first and second world war years.

Broadway Show Tunes
Highlighting memorable songs
from the most popular Broadway

Canada Day Show
“O’ Canada, Eh!”
Showcasing great Songs by
Canadian song writers and
singers of the past one hundred
A most unique event, not to be

Movie Oscar Songs
Follow the history of famous Oscar
winning songs from the silent movies
to the present.

It does not stop at these Special Shows, Gwen will consider any request you may have for special themes, since she has the versatility to sing in many different genres of music.